Has nay one gotten FreeBSD 5.1 Release to install on a system that
has both a Promise Ultra 66 and a Promise TX4 controller cards. The Promise
Ultra 66 controller controls one 20GB hard disk drive (which I would like to
be the boot disk) and the Promise TX4 has 4 HD's configured in raid mode 01.

        I have try to get the install to work many time but it keeps
failing. The FreeBSD install see the following hard disk drives - ad10,
ad12, ad4, ad6, ad8, ar0. I think the disk drives I want is ad4 but the
install complains that it cannot write to the disk. I have also tried ad10
with the same effect. I would like to install to the hard disk drive that is
control by the Promise Ultra 66.

        If I take the Promise TX4 out, the install runs just fine and
install with our problems to the AD4 disk. FreeBSD boots up and running
happy. However, when I then put the Promise TX4 back in and the system would
not boot - I get dump to the following prompt "mountdrive" or something like

        Also, I did have this same setup working just fine under FreeBSD 4.7
Release, so I am download the ISO for 4.8 Release and will try that. 

        System is home made, Abit BE6-II motherboard, PIII 600Mhz, 256MB,
Matrox G200 AGP Video card, CDROM (on the motherboard primary controller as
master) Promise Ultra66 controlling one 20GB hard disk drive, and Promise
TX4 with 4 HD's in raid 01 configuration. 

        Right now I am learning FreeBSD and so I can blow the system up any
way I like.

        Any help would be nice,

Andrew AKA Dyslextic

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