I've just tried to install Eterm so I can use Esetroot for images,
etc.  However, I was getting messages and decided to try Eterm -- at
which point I get:

Eterm:  Error:  Unable to load image file "bar_horizontal_1.png" -- No
loader available for that file format

I get quite a few, but they're all the same with different image names.
A bit of Googling helped me locate this to imlib2, which I rebuilt until
I discovered the image handlers were ripped out, or something.  I then
installed graphics/imlib2_loaders, which has extra image loader plugins.
I've rebuilt everything and it still doesn't work.  In
/usr/X11R6/lib/loaders/image I have plenty of .so files (I actually
don't believe that imlib2_loaders provided the ones I required (the
pkg-plist doesn't include jpeg)).

  Anybody with any ideas?  It's getting a bit frustrating now...


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