On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 02:26:49PM -0700, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
> >
> >   :0
> >   * ^List-Id:[^<]+<freebsd-\/[^.]+
> >   FreeBSD/$MATCH/
> Thanks for pointing out my oversight and all of the help so far.  I've
> added the "/" and now my recipe is:
> :0
> * ^List-Id:[^<]+<freebsd-\/[^.]+
> /Maildir/FreeBSD/$MATCH/

You're storing your Maildir in the root directory of the server?

> However I get these messages from the procmail log:
> procmail: Matched "test"
> procmail: Match on "^List-Id:[^<]+<freebsd-\/[^.]+"
> procmail: Unable to treat as directory "/Maildir/FreeBSD/test"
> procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=/Maildir/FreeBSD/test"
> procmail: Opening "/Maildir/FreeBSD/test"
> procmail: Error while writing to "/Maildir/FreeBSD/test"

It looks as if procmail doesn't have permissions to create directories
in the root directory of your server.  That's a Good Thing.

> I've tried without the leading "/", without the Maildir, and without
> "/Maildir/" but I keep getting the same type of error.  Maildir is owned
> by me and is mode 700.

That's the right mode, but think about where the directory is, and where
procmail wants to find out.  Look in the procmail documentation (manpage
for procmailrc) for variables like $DEFAULT, $MAILDIR, $HOME, etc.

> If the mailbox is specified  to  be an  MH  folder  or  maildir  folder,
> procmail will create the necessary directories if they don't exist,
> rather than treat  the  mailbox  as  a non-existent filename.
> I feel I am close.  Can anyone enlighten me and point out what I'm
> missing?

Remember that paths that start with a / are absolute, and all other
paths are relative to $MAILDIR.

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