Nathan Nieblas wrote:
The standard ftp server that comes with FreeBSD is more than adequate for
your needs. It's very stable, very secure and provides ftpchroot
capabilities. Why aren't you satisfied with it? Can't really ask for
anything more.

Well, I guess I should be content with the stock ftpd but yes, I do have problems with it, perhaps I should try to solve them instead...

1. On a 4.6.2-REL-p12: ftpd dies intermittently, no clues anywhere why.

2. On 4.6.2-REL-p12 and also 4.7-REL-p10: When transfering a larger number of files, say over 20 (size unimportant), transfers will "hang" for a couple of minutes, then start again doing twenty files more, then stop etc.

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