On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 06:36:46PM -0300, Paiva, Gilson de wrote:
> And can your users changed their passwords with samba and fbsd sucessfully?
> I'm facing a problem with this combination ( 4.8-Stable and 2.2.8a ) that
> didn't exist before.
> Users get a message regarding the domain isn't availabe at this moment.

Before I ran "smbpasswd -a <username>" as root, users were unable to 
change their passwords. After using the -a option as root, users were 
able to change their passwords. However, I was getting a different 
error message. My error message said something about being unable to 
change the passwd, or find the password, or something related. Your 
message suggests a configuration error. Try turning off encrypted 
passwords in smb.conf, and then running all the tests in DIAGNOSIS.txt. 
If your setup fails any of the tests that do not involve a Win box as 
a client, then either your network or your smb.conf file is misconfigured.
At least, that's my best guess. 

Bob Hall 
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