> >PHP!!  All the way...easiest, free, likely to be more
> >secure than Perl if used as Apache module than CGI.
> More secure, how so?

Less arcane syntax to hide holes in, maybe?

I'd have no problem with the assertion that newbies writing php are
likely to produce less holes per thousand lines of code. However, I
think the OP was trying to cover too much territory with too few
sentences. (I do that myself a lot, so I'm not one to complain.)

Both php and perl can be loaded into apache, which helps to avoid
certain performance and security problems inherent in the CGI interface,
but there are a few more gotchas with perl (my vs. local, and that sort
of thing, I think).

However, for people who know what they are doing, perl code can be made
more secure than php code. 

But I don't see any reason to argue. It's not like learning one first is
going to prevent you from ever learning or using the other well. Quite
the reverse, I think. If you have time to learn a (new or first)
language, pick one that looks interesting and go.

Joel Rees, programmer, Kansai Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

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