Someone was offended by my tone in the following, so I will apologize to
all for any arrogance or rudeness displayed in it. 

It was not intended to be rude, just to point out that Perl is not
limited to CGI, to leave an opening for a discussion of danger spots in
mod_perl, and to acknowledge that PHP will have advantages over Perl for
the newbie (and I don't see anything wrong with that, by the way).

> > The server-side pages
> > you can use are PHP or JSP (ASP is posible but not the 
> > natural choice for apache).
> What? You got something against mod_perl?
> Or are you assuming that a newbie doesn't want all that power, and that
> php is a good enough introduction to perl in the non-cgi context?
> Just curious ...

Joel Rees, programmer, Kansai Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

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