I'm interested in all unix-based OS's, so I'm now reading about
   FreeBSD. I would like to install it, but I would like to know if it
   will run (optimal) on my system.

   My PC is a Packard Bell Imedia5800 TNT RW, with a 20 Gb  harddrive,
   which is designed for WinME. My hardrive is split up in two FAT32

   "C:" = about 15 Gb, "D:" = about 4-5 Gb.

   My Graphical card is a NVidia TNT2 Model64.

   I have a bit knowledge of Linux, so I know already something about
   partitioning. But there were a few problems with this SuSE Linux 6.2.
   First of all, the program Fdisk of SuSE gave me an error while
   partitioning (I was creating a Linux Swap en Linux Native partition on
   "D:"). It was something like this:

   Your disk is setup to ..., there's nothing wrong with that, but it
   could cause certain setup problems with software that runs while
   booting, etc. ... It's recommend that you set the disk to 1024 (I
   think) cilinders.

   I hope you know what I mean, could this be also a problem while
   installing FreeBSD. Another problem was my graphical card, which
   wasn't supported yet, so I couldn't run KDE, etc. The third and last
   serious problem was, when linux was installed (however, not correct),
   that after I gave the command "shutdown ...", I couldn't close my PC!
   Under Windows, if I want to shutdown my computer it does that
   automatically. Maybe it has something to do with my BIOS settings, can
   you help me if this could cause problems with FreeBSD?

   Another thing is my modem. In Windows I've my modem name: MR2800-W
   Data Fax Modem, and it's produced by AZT or Smartlink. Is that a
   winmodem or not?

   I hope you can help me!


   Ruben Thoré.

   my homepage: [1]http://members.lycos.nl/gibbor/

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