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On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 07:58 PM, Laszlo Vagner wrote:

I just updated to 5.1-r and was wondering how to add soundcard
support to the

in 4.8 i just added 'device pcm' in my kernel config and recompiled
but 5.1 is different
and i dont want to do something to mess things up.

dmesg follows.

Just do what you've always done. Add device pcm to your kernel.

I don't think its quite that easy, but its even easier now.

% cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
% grep -i pcm *
GENERIC:# Pcmcia and cardbus bridge support
GRUMPY:# Pcmcia and cardbus bridge support
NOTES:# pca: PCM audio through your PC speaker
NOTES:# gp:  National Instruments AT-GPIB and AT-GPIB/TNT board, PCMCIA-GPIB
OLDCARD:device          pcic            # PCMCIA bridge

Does not appear to be a pcm device available for statically compiling into the kernel. But never mind as its available as a kld in

sure it still works.. I use device pcm for the hacked up audigy2 sound driver. :-) I've noticed a lot of things that aren't in either NOTES or GENERIC... like options TCP_DROP_SYNFIN.

I was looking for the LINT file but didnt find it, is the NOTES file the LINT file now?

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