"Moriarty" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have the ethernet card forced to 100mbit full duplex via rc.conf. The
> switch is a Netgear FS108. How would i solve a duplex mismatch?

If you've got a duplex mismatch, it's because the switch isn't doing
its own autosensing properly.  Try forcing the switch to the same
settings as those to which you forced the NIC, if you can.  If you
can't (which I would expect in a device at such a low price), then
set different settings on the NIC, or even try letting the card
autosense too.

Unfortunately, autosensing has always had a few interoperability
problems, although they are *much* less common than they were five
years ago.  [Five years ago was the last time I worked on it myself...]

Good luck.
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