stan wrote:
I can't seem to get any results, no matter what I search for.

Is this broken?

It certainly appears so ... your email is about the fifth complaining of this in the last 48 hours.

A few temporary workarounds are:
1) Go to the mailman home page for the particular list you want to
   search and use that local search.  For example:
2) Use the advanced search on a search engine (such as google)

I've cc'd the webmaster and doc@ as I have yet to see any response that
anyone is looking in to this.  It's quite possible that the folks
responsible for this have yet to be alerted to the breakage.  If fixing
the general search page will take some time, I'd be willing to generate
a patch to redirect users from that page to individual search pages for
the lists.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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