>On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 08:48:24AM -0400, Dave [Hawk-Systems] wrote:
>> >we have 4 servers running, each sends daily and security run output 
>email each
>> >day around 3am.  Recently one of them stopped sending these messages.  In
>> >looking at the periodic.conf and associated directories, I don't see any
>> >problems or changes that I am aware of.  There are no enrties in 
>cron for it,
>> >but then again there aren't any entries in the functional servers either.
>> >
>> >Is it possible we have disabled something by accident which could 
>stop this one
>> >server from sending these messages?
>> double checked everything just after sending...
>> periodic.conf was missing. (doh!)
>... but that's OK, as the periodic system will just run using the
>default settings from /etc/defaults/periodic.conf -- note the
>instructions in that file: /etc/periodic.conf should contain only
>those entries you want to be different to the default values.

and the different values were where each of the reports should be emailed to.

>As for how the periodic scripts get run each night: they are run as
>cron jobs, but out of the system crontab in /etc/crontab.  That's a
>slightly different animal which lives in a parallel universe to the
>normal per-user crontabs, which are stored in /var/cron/tabs and
>generally accessed via crontab(1).

that I didn't know, but do now.  Thanks

>As for the missing mail, did you check the client mailqueue?

probably dunped into whatever the default is...  root?



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