On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 11:41:57AM -0400, Lucas Holt wrote:
>Before the antitrust trial, Bill Gates did own SCO Stock.  I don't know 
>if he was forced to sell it or not.  Bill or another family member may 
>still own stock in SCO.

Microsoft sold most of its SCO stock long before the Caldera buyout, and if
I remember correctly, never owned more that 15%.

>As for me, I chose FreeBSD over linux on my server simply because I 
>have faith in Unix.  Its time tested.  Linux on the other hand tends to 
>be a war of personalities.. and the kernel shows it.  It didn't hurt my 
>feelings that Apple uses FreeBSD code in Mac OS X either.

If you want personality wars, how 'bout openbsd/netbsd :-).

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