>       Has nay one gotten FreeBSD 5.1 Release to install on a
> system that has both a Promise Ultra 66 and a Promise TX4 
> controller cards. The Promise Ultra 66 controller controls 
> one 20GB hard disk drive (which I would like to be the boot 
> disk) and the Promise TX4 has 4 HD's configured in raid mode 01.
>       I have try to get the install to work many time but it
> keeps failing. The FreeBSD install see the following hard 
> disk drives - ad10, ad12, ad4, ad6, ad8, ar0. I think the 
> disk drives I want is ad4 but the install complains that it 
> cannot write to the disk. I have also tried ad10 with the 
> same effect. I would like to install to the hard disk drive 
> that is control by the Promise Ultra 66.
>       If I take the Promise TX4 out, the install runs just
> fine and install with our problems to the AD4 disk. FreeBSD 
> boots up and running happy. However, when I then put the 
> Promise TX4 back in and the system would not boot - I get 
> dump to the following prompt "mountdrive" or something like that.
>       Also, I did have this same setup working just fine
> under FreeBSD 4.7 Release, so I am download the ISO for 4.8 
> Release and will try that. 

        I install FreeBSD 4.8 release and it work just like I wanted it too.
Install to the single hard disk drive on the Promise Ultra 66 controller
without problems. It appears to me that there is some sort of problem with
FreeBSD 5.1 release. 

        I did received some feed back off list, that it work for them but
they did install FreeBSD 5.1 on a hard disk drive that is boot from a
Promise Ultra 66 controller card.

        If any one has any idea, please let me know.

Andrew AKA "Dyslextic" 

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