On Fri, 2003-07-04 at 11:36, george donnelly wrote:
> I have a server on which i run MySQL and Zope. I start MySQL from
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d and zope from cron with an @reboot. Zope has a module
> with let's it interface with MySQL.
> The problem is that everytime i reboot Zope says that its connection to
> MySQL is broken because it can't find libmysqlcient. I restart zope and it
> works fine, problem gone.
> I'd like to make this problem go away. I suspect it has to do with the order
> in which these apps start at boot time but I'm not sure. Can anyone suggest
> what I can look at to solve this?

This might sound a little hackish, but I think it would work. Move the
two startup scripts for Zope & MySQL *outside* of rc.d. Then, write a
script in rc.d with start & stop targets, which execute/terminate Zope &
MySQL in the order you prefer. 

Of course, this will only be effective if indeed it is the order of
execution that is causing your problems.


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