Ok, I figure out my problem as to why FreeBSD 5.1 release would not
install with both a Promise Ultra 66 and a TX4 controller card in the same
PC. The short of the long, it was and ID10T error. 

        I realizes the problem after I install FreeBSD 4.8 release and was
preparing to build a custom kernel. I used the "dmesg" command too see what
FreeBSD had found and that when I saw the answer. The hard disk drive
attached to the Promise Ultra 66 controller is "ad12" not "ad10" as I
thought - "ad10, ad4, ad6, ad8" where the individual disk on the Promise TX4

        Once I realized this, I did another install of FreeBSD 5.1 Release
and the install work.

Andrew AKA Dyslextic

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