I acquired a Buslink 1394 Firewire 80GB hard drive, in which I would like to install 
FreeBSD, to try it out.  So far, except for Mandrake 9.1, none of the other Linux 
distros have been able to find and install itself on the Firewire bus.
So now, this would give me /dev/hda for WindowsXP Pro, /dev/hdb for Mandrake 9.1, and 
/dev/sda for (maybe?) FreeBSD.

I am (was) reserving this extra drive to try different distros.  My computer has 
700+MB of ram, and it is a 3.06GHz hyperthreading chip.  I would be using Mandrake's 
Lilo to boot into FreeBSD.

Can your distro find and use, and install itself into a Firewire bus?

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