On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 11:48:13PM -0400, Michael Alestock wrote:
> I get these messages when I execute the, "pkgdb -F" command as root.  Not sure 
> what to do here...Any suggestions???
> --->  Checking the package registry database
> Stale dependency: Mesa-3.4.2_2 -> fontconfig-2.2.0 (x11-fonts/fontconfig):
> New dependency? (? to help): ?
>  [Enter] to skip, [Ctrl]+[D] to delete,  [.][Enter] to abort, [Tab] to 
> complete
> New dependency? (? to help):
> Skip this? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes] n
> New dependency? (? to help):
> Skip this? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes] y
> Skipped.
> Stale dependency: XFree86-4.3.0,1 -> fontconfig-2.2.0 (x11-fonts/fontconfig):
> Skip this? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes] y
> Stale dependency: XFree86-FontServer-4.3.0_1 -> fontconfig-2.2.0 
> (x11-fonts/fontconfig):
> Skip this? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes] y
> Stale dependency: XFree86-Server-4.3.0_8 -> fontconfig-2.2.0 
> (x11-fonts/fontconfig):
> Skip this? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll) [yes]

If your ports tree is up to date, you should have the fontconfig-2.2.1
port installed. Check using:

    % pkg_info -I fontconfig\*

If you've got some version of fontconfig installed via the ports tree,
then go back into pkgdb and when prompted for the 'New dependency'
type in 'fontconfig-2.2.1' or whatever version number the pkg_info
command turns up.

If you haven't got fontconfig installed at all, then you need to
install it to fulfil the dependencies of the other ports you've
installed.  However, catch22: portupgrade(1) will require you to sort
out the problems with the pkgdb *before* you can use it to reinstall
fontconfig.  In this case, the trick is to go back into pkgdb as above
and delete the dependency on fontconfig -- ie type Ctrl-D at the first
'New Dependency?' prompt.  Now you can run:

    % portupgrade -N x11-fonts/fontconfig

Now, in theory you could go on to reinstall all of those ports you
just deleted the dependency from to restore all of the correct
dependency linkage, but that can actually be left until a convenient
time or until the natural updating of the ports tree replaces all of
those with newer versions.



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