Sendmail is a big, complex program ... I'm sure if you had the time,
you could make it wash dishes for you.
There are a gazillion howtos and explanations for configuring sendmail
all across the internet.
Considering the fact that you're using FreeBSD, I recommend the one
specifically written for FreeBSD in the Handbook.  I found this page
particularly useful:

Jamie Jones wrote:
In bish.lists.freebsd.questions, you wrote:
Third task was to get my email work... and now the problems begins.

I own the domain, and my computers name is visthusboden.
The server accepts incoming mail all right - no problems there... BUT...
...whatever I do, all outgoing mail get the address

What am I doing wrong?

I've checked and tripple-checked every file in /etc/namedb/ and everything
looks fine (no missing dots or
some simple problem like that) and I've really read this through in the
FreeBSD manual... and still... ???

It's not a DNS issue, it's "sendmail".

What it's currently doing is correct - by default, it uses your fully
qualified hostname for the Sender address -- it doesn't know that
"[EMAIL PROTECTED]" will work also - so, you need to tell sendmail of this fact:

You can do this with the "massquerading" feature of sendmail.


and more generally:

-- Bill Moran Potential Technologies

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