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On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Gerard Samuel wrote:

> It has been a while, but when I did mine, if I remember correctly I 
> didn't experience any problem with setting it up.
> Which FreeBSD server did you go to get the CVSROOT?

> >i just tried to cvs co CVSROOT in order to try out "setting up a CVS
> >repository - the FreeBSD way" as described in the article of the same
> >name in the docs section
> >but there seem to be a few file missing in the CVSROOT i got
> >trying modules as access got me an error message that the file disapeard?!
> >
> >can someone tell me what is going on? 

There certainly are some files in CVSROOT that 'co' does not give you:  
those such as 'passwd' that are restricted to administrative use. You have
to login to the server and edit those files manually. I don't know about
'modules' specifically. There is a full manual at 'cvshome' known by its
author's name: "the Cederqvist" ('-quist'?). Look in the 'Administrative
Files' section.

 John Mills

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