Dear list
Dear Mr Mills

>There certainly are some files in CVSROOT that 'co' does not give you:  
>those such as 'passwd' that are restricted to administrative use. You have
>to login to the server and edit those files manually.

I am not talking about password files or alike. I mean files mentioned in:
like "avail", "avail", "", "", "",
"commitcheck" and so on.
Have a look at the CVS web interface ... here these files are missing too: 

>I don't know about 'modules' specifically. There is a full manual at
'cvshome' known >by its author's name: "the Cederqvist" ('-quist'?). Look in the
>Files' section.

I know about that manual ... and I have worked with CVS ... but the CVS
version used in the FreeBSD repository has some tweaks! I wanted to take
advantage of these.

 >John Mills

Zheyu Shen

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