* lewiz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2003-07-04 19.15 +0100]:
> Hi,
>   I've seen a few people that have tail outputs on their desktop (root
> window) all nice, transparent and even colorized.  I've found roottail
> which does the basics (tail -f's a log straight to the rootwindow), but
> I wanted to know how I could colorize the output?  I've seen colortail,
> but the only way to get this to work is using an aterm, etc.  Is there
> anything like a colorroottail in existence?

I'm not sure if it would work, but you could perhaps try using
/usr/ports/sysutils/colorize to create a colorised copy of a
logfile, and pass that file to /usr/ports/sysutils/roottail?

Hope this helps,
Martin Karlsson
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