my problem is:
i added the device umodem to the GENERIC kernel and want to compile it.

make depend works fine!
but the make didn't work!!!

the compiling stops with this messages:

linking kernel
umodem.o: In function `umodem_attach':
umodem.o(.text+0x4aa): undefined reference to `ucom_attach'
umodem.o: In function `umodem_intr':
umodem.o(.text+0x75d): undefined reference to `ucom_status_change'
umodem.o: In function `umodem_detach':
umodem.o(.text+0xcfd): undefined reference to `ucom_detach'
umodem.o(.data+0x70): undefined reference to `ucom_devclass'
*** Error code 1

if i exclude the device umodem it works fine but i need it!!!!

thanks for help!!
system: FreeBSD 5.1 Release

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