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I have been working a lot with Free 5.0.  Because of a few issues, I had to
back down to 4.8-RELEASE.  Now I am having problems understanding the rc
loading process.  On 5.0 its easier (what I am used to from the Solaris
days, etc.)  The file system has an /etc/rc.d directory that loads separate
scripts on boot.  My local apps are also loaded from /usr/local/etc/rc.d.
This, for me, was a convenient way to modify say syslogd and change it to
listen for incoming network connections (-r).

But in 4.8 there is no rc.d directory.  I am having trouble understanding
how everything works here.  the /etc/rc file seems to load everything
(most - at least syslog) referencing a "syslogd_flags" variable.  I found
that placing this variable in the rc.conf file was reference (google
search), but it did not work for me.

I don't see why syslogd_flags wouldn't work. You might want to provide more details, as that is the right way to do it in 4.x.

The general method that 4.x uses is this:
The startup scripts use the configuration in /etc/defaults/rc.conf and then
override those defaults with the values in /etc/rc.conf.  Any config changes
you want to make should be done in /etc/rc.conf.
Reading the /etc/defaults/rc.conf file will help you to see all the options
available for /etc/rc.conf, and the man page for rc.conf will explain things.

Anyhow, would someone mind taking the time and explain the rc load process
on 4.8 to me and why its different in 5 ?  Also, am I correct in saying that
the 5.x tree will (remain) change to using the rc.d directory structure that
I like so much ???

Remember that 5 is new technology. The rc method you see in 5 is the new method that is an improvement on the previous method used in 4.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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