As most folks here know, I'm not a great fan of KDE, because
it is GPLed and also highly specific to Linux (many of its
features simply don't work under FreeBSD). However, I've been
asked to get KDE working on a few FreeBSD systems belonging to
a client, and am trying to muddle through for their sake.

One of the things I simply haven't been able to figure out yet,
and can't find any documentation for, is how to set up printing
from KDE on FreeBSD. KDE's docs claim that it has an "Add printer"
wizard, but this utility seems to be absent from the FreeBSD port...
as are the drivers for specific printers (in this case, they need
to print to HP LaserJets using PCL4). Does anyone out there know
(a) where the missing utility and drivers are; and (b) how to
configure them?

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