I currently have a caching nameserver on my local domain that really
just caches and forwards to my primary nameserver.

A lot of laptop users connect to the public ip of my mailserver as this
is what they'd use if they were out of the office.

However when they are in the office, it doesn't work so well. I've got
some double nat magic on the firewall to attempt to overcome the problem
however it just doesn't seem to work so well.

As soon as I change the mailserver to the internal ip for these laptop
users, everything works great. However having the laptop users change
this everytime is not a workable solution.

What I want to do is setup on my caching nameserver something so that
when the laptop users requests the public name of my mailserver it
acutally returns the internal ip. Everyone's happy!

I could make the caching nameserver a master for the public domain of my
mailserver however I would also have to keep updating every other host
on the domain.

Can I change the dns for this one host??

mailserver.mydomain.com = <public ip>
mailserver.int.mydomain.com = <private ip>

And there's lots of other hosts on mydomain.com.

I want my caching nameserver to resolve mailserver.mydomain.com to
<private ip> as the only hosts querying this nameserver would be
internal hosts anyway!

Can I just be a master for a host???

zone "mailserver.mydomain.com" {
        type master;
        file "master/mailserver.mydomain.com";

Long winded I know.. hopefully everything's clear!!



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