On 06 Jul 2003 15:18:51 -0400, "Adam" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 14:10, Bill Moran wrote:
> > Sounds like a HDD going ... I had a similar sceneria a few months ago
> > and it was the HDD.
> > You could get a FreeSBIE CD, boot it and run cpuburn to test the CPU.
> Good idea about FreeSBIE. I'll take a look at that in more detail
> tomorrow. Thanks.

No matter what the particular hardware trouble turns out to be this time,
some work on CPU and case cooling may serve you well.  There are
relatively quiet, inexpensive, but effective solutions.  Also look at the
fvcool port, and Google this list for Matthew Seaman's startup script for

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