On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 02:17:43PM -0400, Xpression wrote:
>         Can I have a special account to manage a specific service,
> specifically MySQL. I mean, I running MySQL as mysql user, but when I want
> to update the database I have to login as root, made changes and so on,
> then, I want to create another user to this job, I have added a user as
> member of wheel and assigned permissions in the current database directory
> of MySQL and nothing happens...when I try to connect to the database it give
> me an ERROR...

Shouldn't you be using MySQL users?  You don't need to put your admin users'
UNIX accounts in wheel - just create a MySQL user account with the
appropriate rights, and let your admin use that.  MySQL accounts are
completely separate from UNIX accounts (I got caught out in the beginning,
too).  So, userx logs in to their userx UNIX account, then will need to
connect to MySQL as adminuser to be able to manage the database.

You will find more info about it all at

The online documentation is really pretty good.



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