> 14  * border-to-141-netrack.boulder.co.coop.net (  139.951
ms !X *
> > 15  border-to-141-netrack.boulder.co.coop.net (  136.281
ms !X * *
> > 16  border-to-141-netrack.boulder.co.coop.net (  159.470
ms !X *  137.951 ms !X
> Note here that you don't appear to actually *get* to freebsdforums' IP:

That's correct. !X is "Communications Administratively Prohibited" meaing
they've got an ACL in place that explicitly denies access to the next hop in
the trace. I can trace to that point and then my trace dies with simple
timeouts instead of "prohibited". To me, that usually means that a firewall
is active that is denying udp and icmp also.

> >From nslookup for freebsdforums.org :
> Non-authoritative answer:
> Name:    freebsdforums.org
> Address:
> I'm trying to force Zen to increase their efforts in doing whatever
> they're able to do for me, but its a nightmare getting through to tech
> support to even begin that process..,

I'm not sure what Zen will be able to do as long as they're advertising that
they're responsible for the network block that you've been assigned to.
Although, they may be willing to contact the network powers that be for the
networks that you can't traverse through due to lack of action on their
part. Then again, it is the remote networks perogative to allow or disallow
the traffic.

> For now, I'm trying to google around for what I might need to do in
> order that I can get traceroute to work for my *nix boxes here..,

Good luck.

> Thanks again for that..,
> Regards,
> Stacey
> -- 
> Stacey Roberts
> B.Sc (HONS) Computer Science


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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