I have never had this issue before in all the years I've ran freebsd.

I have a relatively new install of 4.8 (my only 4.8 box).

When I reboot the box, none of the scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d are being
run, nor are the things in /etc/rc.local.

I've checked the /etc/defaults/rc.conf and see that "local_startup" includes
that dir and none of my scripts have spaces in the name, so the
"script_name_sep" is fine.

The box is in a remote datacenter so I'm unable to look at the console right
now. Message log and dmesg are giving no clues as to whats happening.

I checked perms on the files/dirs and they appear to be fine. I haven't
really messed with the box much since the initial install, so everything
should be set to the default. Running the scripts manually works fine.

Other rc.* files seem to run fine (sshd and postfix start fine).

Any ideas?


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