Yeah, I tried that...  Now I just get a blank email from cron. :)

Anyone know how to make cron not send an email when there's no output?


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> In the last episode (Jul 08), Elliot Finley said:
> > I have a periodic that runs every 15 minutes.  I have 5 scripts in
> > the directory that it processes.  Most of the time, the 5 scripts
> > don't have to do anything, and thus don't have any output.  When that
> > happens, periodic outputs 'No output from the 5 files processed'.
> > 
> > Is there a way to make periodic not output anything so that I don't
> > get an email from cron every 15 minutes?
> Commenting out that line in /usr/sbin/periodic seems to be the way to
> go.
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> Dan Nelson
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