I have some questions about mbone on FreeBSD

My Configuration
1. A Dell Optiplex GX150 with FreeBSD 4.8 running on it
2. Configured the kernel to do multicast routing. Also created a /etc/mrouted.conf 
file with tunnels setup to our other offices on the west coast
3. I have mrouted_enable = "YES" in my /etc/rc.conf file
4. I have pre-compiled binaries of SDR v3.0 and VIC v2.8ucl-1.1.5 in /home/mbone/sdr 
and /home/mbone/vic respectively where mbone is an user that I created in the wheel 
group and I want to use this user to run mbone everytime.

My Problem
1. When I start up my FreeBSD box, I see that mrouted is running 
2. I then try to create a meeting advertisement through SDR and for some reason it 
doesn't get announced to the other sites that I have created tunnels to route 
multicast traffic
3. I tried all 3 different TTLs (local (15), region (63) and world (127)) to scope my 
announcement but with no success.
4. I am able to see and join meetings that are announced by the other sites..but just 
the meetings that are announced by me are not being seen by any other sites. In 
addition, they also disappear from my SDR list after about 30-40 mins

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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