I have installed the version before this on my FBSD 5.1 it crashed too, somebody knows 
when, how thios could be fixed ?? and why it's happening ??

On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 06:58:30PM +0200, Nakal wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 July 2003 10:51, Nelis Lamprecht wrote:
> > Yesterday I tried loading the
> > latest non-beta release 1.0-4365 and all it does is freeze my PC and
> > then after a few seconds reboots without so much as a single error in
> > XFree86.log or messages.
> I have had exactly the same behavior here. But only with FreeBSD 
> current. On FreeBSD stable it is running well as long as I don't use 
> Unreal Tournament. UT is a lot slower than with the beta drivers and it 
> also crashes after few minutes.
> On current I recompiled world and the kernel. Then the problem has been 
> reduced to a black screen after starting XFree. And I can now at least 
> press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> to reboot.
> > I am using the following card, taken from dmesg: nvidia0: <RIVA TNT2
> > Model 64>
> I have a 4200 Ti.
> Martin
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