Getting in on this one late, saved the emails for a rainy day which is
ironically right now.

A few questions:

We have a production 4.1.1 box that is acting as a mail server.  We are
wanting to beef this box up a bit for a little more survivability.

1) If we put in a newer hardware raid card does the os/kernel still need a
driver to see it?  Or does a hardware raid solution eliminate the need for
any drivers.  We are just a bit concerned due to our OS being a bit behind
and thinking that our raid options might be limited or very antiquated.  I
realize that the original poster said that "Yes, the RAIDing is completely
transparent to the OS.", which confusing me as to why there is a supported
raid card list.

2) Can a mirror be made out of an existing drive.  I have heard the that the
Adaptec 2100A can make a mirror off of existing data, but alas this is not
supported by FreeBSD as they recommend the 2400A.

Any insight would be great...


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> > As I recall, that particular system is running an Adaptec 2100S under
> > FreeBSD 4.8. I've not found any software that can access that
> > particular
> > raid directly for configuration from within the running OS.
> Actually Adaptec has FreeBSD management software for the 2100S.  I
> had/have two machines running 2100S and FreeBSD 4.7 and on one of them
> I can get the management software to run and on one of them I can't.
> There is no difference in the machines themselves.  But you can
> download and try the software from the adaptec website.
> Chad
> > The only way to
> > access it that I'm aware of is with the standard Control A at system
> > startup
> > to access the on board settings of the card. Here, the raid type can be
> > configured. I will say that I've had a drive failure on this system
> > with
> > little effect on the normal operation of the OS. However, since there
> > aren't
> > any hot swappable bays in this particular system (company didn't want
> > to
> > spend for them), the system has to be shut down to replace the failed
> > drive.
> > However, the system will still boot in diminished mode and continue
> > this way
> > until the new drive has been restored.
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