I installed the apache13-fp port.  As part of the install process, the
port runs fp-install.sh script.  I answered "yes" to install the
FrontPage admin services.

In a browser, I can connect to the fpadmcgi.exe CGI script and am
prompted to enter my username and password.  I entered the same
combination I used when prompted while installing the admin services but
can't logon.  There are no errors returned but the login prompt returns
to give me another chance.  After 3 attempts, the page is just blank.

I re-ran the fp-install.sh script again and re-installed the admin
services being sure I typed my username and password combination
correctly.  Yet I still have the same problem when trying to access the
fpadmcgi.exe URL from my browser.

I've searched all the log files I have in /var/log but don't see
anything there.  Is there a log somewhere that might shed some light on
this?  Can I turn on logging?

Any help appreciated.



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