> My ftpd is unstable, sometiems it works to login via ftp and 
> sometimes not. once i get in it works just fine! i think the 
> problem occure when i reboot/just start my machine, sometimes 
> i have to wait for after 5 minutes when the machine is up and 
> running before i can login.
> any clues?
Ftpd is started from inetd.

Do you have anything else in inetd (like telnet) that is enabled that
you can try? I'd be interested in seeing if all the services that inetd
provide are slow (indicating a problem in inetd) or if just ftpd is slow
(indicating a problem with it). If you don't, could you just long enough
to test it?

> system information: 
> ftpd = FreeBSDīs default ( eh name?)
> BSD version = 5.0
In the future, the more appropriate way to get the system information
that the -questions list would want would be to type "uname -a"

John Straiton
Jks @ clickcom.com
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