On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 09:34:17AM -0400, Paul Chvostek wrote:
> Alex,
> On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 12:59:23AM +0200, Alex de Kruijff wrote:
> > 
> > I feel the following things are helpfull sending to 
> > these list:
> > 1. Do send mail like this with a cc to the orginal list.
> >    Others can learn from our exange of information.
> You can encourage people to reply back to the list by including a
> Reply-To line in your headers, as I've done with this message.  Some
> list software will filter the header, but a Reply-To in the copy of the
> message that's sent directly to someone will probably be respected by
> their mail client.
> Since you use mutt, you might find the following .muttrc lines helpful:
>   lists freebsd-questions freebsd-current freebsd-chat
>   send-hook [EMAIL PROTECTED] 'my_hdr Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]'
>   send-hook [EMAIL PROTECTED]   'my_hdr Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]'
>   send-hook [EMAIL PROTECTED]      'my_hdr Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]'
>   ... etc.
> This way, you can use the 'L' key to follow up to the list, the 'g' key
> to do a group-reply, or the 'r' key to reply just to the sender, and
> your headers will include the custom Reply-To for 'L' and 'g'.
Its doesn't work if you want to recieve a copy. I rely on getting a copy
to my reply or reply-to (set to me) to be able to reply to mails send to
me, since it easy for me to overread things on the lists. This clearly
isn't a option for me.

Your the first person i came a cross that does this. This would indeed
work if one don't wants to get an reply to his from adress. My conclusion
is that people that doesn't want a reply to them self sould use the 
reply field like you suggested.
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