Sounds like you have a problem with your server/network hardware or
firewall/proftpd settings. FreeBSD out of the box on low-end Intel hardware
can  easily sustain 6mbps link, which is roughly 3megs/sec. Make sure
your harddrive on receiving end can write at least this fast and your network
is capable of such transfers. Sometimes faulty switches/cable wires can
cause packet loss/delays, causing a bottleneck. It could be a number of
things, but I would start with testing your network.


On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 10:12:03 -0700, Max Clark wrote:

>Hi all,
>What configuration changes do I need to make to two freebsd-stable boxes to
>fully max out a 6Mbps/220ms network link? This is for bulk 500+MB file
>The target application is proftpd with ncftpd as the client.
>Thanks in advance,
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