Ops, you're absolutely right, I don't know how I got the 3megs, I'm in the middle
of getting a mortgage, if you know what I mean. Sorry for any confusion I might
have caused. I do know my bits and bytes and I was way off indeed, my mistake.


On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 13:31:54 -0400, Lapinski, Michael (Research) wrote:

>1) "6mbps link, which is roughly 3megs/sec" is inaccurate 
>   6 Mbits is roughly 600kilobytes/second
>2) A common way to speed up transfers is to tune your 
>   tcp window sizes using /sbin/sysctl.
>   The two you may wish to lok at are:
>       net.inet.tcp.sendspace
>       net.inet.tcp.recvspace
>   try values like 128000 and 256000
>   Doing so so on bnoth machien sshould increase your throughput.
>   A good reference for all the syctl variable is available at
>   http://people.freebsd.org/~adrian/sysctl.descriptions, 
>   the freebsd manual may have em soemwhere but i cant recall 
>   where.
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>->Subject: Re: How do I max a 6Mbps link
>->Sounds like you have a problem with your server/network hardware or
>->firewall/proftpd settings. FreeBSD out of the box on low-end 
>->Intel hardware
>->can  easily sustain 6mbps link, which is roughly 3megs/sec. Make sure
>->your harddrive on receiving end can write at least this fast 
>->and your network
>->is capable of such transfers. Sometimes faulty switches/cable 
>->wires can
>->cause packet loss/delays, causing a bottleneck. It could be a 
>->number of
>->things, but I would start with testing your network.
>->On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 10:12:03 -0700, Max Clark wrote:
>->>Hi all,
>->>What configuration changes do I need to make to two 
>->freebsd-stable boxes to
>->>fully max out a 6Mbps/220ms network link? This is for bulk 
>->500+MB file
>->>The target application is proftpd with ncftpd as the client.
>->>Thanks in advance,
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