On a Tyan s2466 motherboard with 4 gigs of ram and freebsd 4.7-release-p10
we're having trouble increasing maxsockets beyond 128k.  The kernel panics
when we try buildworlds with any more than 128k.  We were able to increase
maxsockets to 192k with a system that had 2gb and 256k with a system that
had 1.5gb.  Does anyone know what to do in order to get a higher number
for maxsockets?

We need that many sockets because we're trying to run SPECweb99 with over
2000 connections and the server starts dropping connections because theres
not enough sockets.  vmstat -z shows that the sockets are maxed out.

Someone thought that the kernel might need more memory so we tried
increasing VM_KMEM_MAXSIZE too 500 megs and then that caused a panic when
we booted up.

So we're kinda stuck here and any help would be greatly appreciated.

--Tom Mowad

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