On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 04:45:38PM -0700, Mark Woodson wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting NFS exports to work properly on FreeBSD.  I'm 
> running 4.8-STABLE as of July 3.
> It's acting like the problem is in /etc/exports.
> squelcher# less /etc/exports
> /usr/src        -ro -maproot=0          cad1 squelcher lappy
> /usr/obj        -ro -maproot=0          cad1 squelcher lappy
Try placing both fs on the same line:
/usr/src /usr/obj  -ro -maproot=0          cad1 squelcher lappy

Mount points that reside on the same filesystem (ie both on /usr in this
case) have to be listed in the same entry in /etc/exports iirc.  This is
probably why you get the error:

> Jul  9 13:09:00 squelcher mountd[16110]: can't change attributes for /usr/obj
> Jul  9 13:09:00 squelcher mountd[16110]: bad exports list line /usr/obj -ro 
> -maproot
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