Hi Kevin,

As I've been playing with FreeBSD 4.8 stable on a test box, I came across the splash screen feature after building my own kernel. Figured I'd give it a try for the heck of it.

Anyways, I've had no success! I've followed the various (not always identical) tutorials on www.baldwin.cx/splash/, free-bsd.org & the manual page. Other than my kernel my install is stock 4.8. I'm I missing something obvious? Anyone know if a better tutorial?

I just fiddled myself with the splash screen, but in CURRENT, so I don't know, if what I say is correct for STABLE, too.

First, what is the resolution and color depth of your image? Just type

file your_image.bmp

to get this info. If it is more than 320 pixels broad you need the VESA-mode preloaded into the kernel to make it work. Thus your graphics card must support this VESA modes in its BIOS, without the use of any DOS TSR programs, as this was the case for many older cards. Check the documentation for your card.

The problem in CURRENT is, that the image is looked for in the path for the kernel modules, i.e. /boot/kernel;/boot/modules. If the image is located outside these directories you have to use absolute paths.

Check http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=docs/54009 for this.

If this doesn't work, please send as the output of the relevant dmesg lines, i.e. the beginning, where the kernel modules are preloaded and some message about the splash module should appear.


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