I have a nice laser printer set up on my router which was installed via
CUPS and shared via samba.  It works perfectly with my XP and 2k
machines, but I am having trouble getting my 4.8 Desktop machine to
print to it.  I installed the same version of CUPS on the desktop to try
to facilitate the setup.  Right now, anytime I send a print job (print
test page, line print), it connects, then says the printer is busy, will
try again in 10 seconds.

Looking at the router's log files, it shows a ton of connects from the
client, so many that it gives the message of Possible DoS attach from  The current max connects per client is 10, so my client
must be sending a bunch of connect for a single print job.

Any ideas on how to get through this?  Note:  I am not totally against
trying a different way to configure the printer, I just am more
familliar with CUPS than with printcap.


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