Hi BSD people

I've just installed a FreeBSD 4.8 on an HP Netserver E50 machine with a
PCI Promise Fasttrack 100 IDE RAID controller in it.
My problem is that when I issue the reboot command the machine reboots
but for some reason the the RAID conroller doesn't find any disks.
Only if I shutdown comletely and then restart the machine manually can I
make it work. It seems that the PCI bus is not rescanned on reboot.
One of my friends told me that it could be a Plug&Play setting in the
BIOS that should be changed, but I don't see any settings relating to
Is it possible to force a PCI rescan or something just before rebooting
the machine?
Does anybody have any ideas?

Venlig hilsen / Best regards,
Jacob Vennervald
System Developer
Proventum Solutions ApS
Toldbodgade 51C
1253 Copenhagen K
Phone:  +45 33 45 43 61
Mobile: +45 61 68 58 51

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