localhost# netstat -rn
Routing tables

Destination        Gateway            Flags    Refs      Use  Netif Expire
default          UGSc       13     6054    xl1
65.35.120/21       link#2             UC          2        0    xl1        00:06:2a:ce:64:54  UHLW       12        0    xl1   1200       00:06:2a:ce:64:8c  UHLW        0       24    xl1    448          UGHS        0      319    lo0          UH          1       63    lo0
172.16.16/24       link#1             UC          2        0    xl0        00:01:03:c1:ac:19  UHLW        0       27    lo0       00:01:03:c1:89:1a  UHLW        4   592918    xl0   1024

I'm using the normal RC files to setup my interfaces, when it tries to setup
DHCP on xl1 it stalls and i have to ^C it, then login and run tcpdump
locally.  This is my routing table currently with tcpdump and promisc flag
set on both interfaces (only reason i can get online atm)

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