On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 17:40, grwufwuf wrote:
> Deepest apologies if I missed the answer to this in a previous post, but I found 
> nothing in the website's archives.
> bzflag 1.7g2 is out (an OpenGL tank game).  I tried compiling from source but 
> without much luck (gl lib errors; I can tweak some things, but not experienced 
> enough to tackle graphics libs yet).  Does ports (FreeBSD 4.8) have this version 
> updated?  
> Its hardly a crucial application (debatable, especially around 2 in the morning :), 
> but thought I'd ask in case there's a port of the new release somewhere for 
> freeBSD-stable.  Thanks!

It was updated 8 days ago. Check here:


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