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> >man moused, and read about the -r option. You can use the actual dpi
> number >if you know it, or just use 'high' and that works also.
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> >It works quite well.
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> >-Will
>       Okay I tried both solution but neither worked.  Few more detail
> I for got to include, it's a Logitech optical mouse and I am primarily
> concerned with the mouse speed in KDE.  Just as a note to make sure I
> didn't do anything wrong, I changed the file /etc/X11/XF86Config but
> just by un ticking the line the read <Option "Resolution" "256"> and
> changed the number to "300".  That made no noticeable change.  Next I
> used the command <moused -r 300 -p /dev/sysmouse> also I did it with
> "high" instead of "300" both time no noticeable difference.    


Is it a USB or PS2 mouse? 

If it is USB, try this:

moused -t auto -r 300 -p /dev/ums0 -z 4

If it is PS2, try this:

moused -t auto -r 300 -p /dev/psm0 -z 4

/dev/sysmouse is used primarily to provide an interface for X to read mouse events 
when moused is blocking the real mouse device.

the -z 4 mouse is unnecessary, but provides support for the wheel if you have one and 
are using moused with X.

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