Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:
The fact that it is a moderated forum leads me to believe that the slashdot
operators are themselves FreeBSD bigots.  I for one have much less respect
for Slashdot for allowing that drivel through.

Tom Veldhouse

Slashdot is a user moderated forum. Registered users periodically get mod points, and they can then bump a particular post by +1 or -1 in the comments section of any article they haven't posted a comment in, The posts are rated on a scale of -1 to +5 and you can browse at at any rating, browsing at 0 or +1 is common. The operators only determine what articles are posted, not what the comments are, and the 'BSD is Dying' troll is always a comment in a Unix related article. Note that the slashdot operators are often accused of being pro-BSD and Pro-Mac bigots, simply from the number of BSD and Mac articles they post.

Posts are almost never deleted (The only time I'm aware of that posts may have been tinkered with involved a lawsuit from Microsoft).

While Slashdot has many faults, censorship is not one they practice.


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