It's going to take some real work to get it to replace the Win2k AD
infrastructure if that's what you have. OTOH, if you are using the NT4
domain infrastructure, it's supposed to work well (haven't implemented
it, but here's a link if you want it:

Firewalling, email serving and other non-SMB based stuff is not really
covered by SAMBA, although FreeBSD can certainly do all that.

Other than Active Directory, the only really difficult thing to replace
will be your Exchange server, if you have one, and if you use it for
groupware stuff, or for group calendaring, especially with Outlook
clients. There may be acceptable group calendaring apps that are
acceptable, but I haven't run into them yet, and the groupware just
isn't there yet, from what I've seen.

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| Subject: name all the uses for samba
|       Ok, I've gotta convince my boss to switch from windows
| 2000 to freebsd for
| all our internal needs.  So far I've half convinced him, but
| I've hit a
| snag.  I know that Samba can be used for a lot of things, and
| I'm trying to
| tell him all the things that Samba will do, but I can't think
| of many.  Can
| you guys name all the uses for samba?  I've already talked him into
| replacing our windows firewall, mail and other basic servers
| with freebsd,
| but we've still got a couple of domain servers to get rid of
| and I know
| that Samba can replace them as well.  Can you guys help me
| out here?  Maybe
| toss in a little TCO jargon so that he sees it both from a
| technical side
| as well as what matters most ot him.  Money.  THanks!!
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