Roger Merritt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This is helpful. I have a similar, but somewhat more complex
> problem. I want to backup the entire /usr/home directory to another
> machine on the network. FTP has not been disabled (yet) and I have
> NcFTP installed. ssh is also set up between the two machines, so scp
> is available. The first machine has very little disk space available,
> so I don't think I can tar the directory tree on the native
> machine. I've also installed the rsync port. I don't have a time
> problem, I could leave the job running overnight.
> Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome.

Doesn't sound very complex to me.
Something like 
        tar -cf - /path/to/back/up |ssh other-host 'cat > new.tar'
will do it.
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